Novel “The Choir Boy” Set For Summer Release

It is the early 1980’s and a corrupt small town is falling victim to a band of abusive, predator priests. Children of the town are being abused and destroyed right under their parents’ noses, with all authorities in the town denying and ignoring the truth. The priests are spread out through three main churches in the town … Continue reading Novel “The Choir Boy” Set For Summer Release

The Fight That Shook The County

"A 519 Feature Story By Dwight Wakabayashi we go off the face-off down in the Jr. Kings corner oh wait what have we here, we have two guys and squaring off... now they are taking off their helmets and are gonna go, look out, it's Hanson for the Jr. Kings and oh boy we have the youngster Barnard … Continue reading The Fight That Shook The County

The Top 15 Chatham Jr. Maroons of All Time

  A 519 Feature by Dwight Wakabayashi The Chatham Jr. Maroons are a storied junior ice hockey franchise that was founded in 1959 in the town of Chatham, Ontario Canada. The Sr. version of the team goes back even further, to the early 1920's and 30's. The existence of the franchise has bonded a community … Continue reading The Top 15 Chatham Jr. Maroons of All Time


A 519 Feature Story By: Dwight Wakabayashi On the morning of March 10th, 2007 Perry woke up for work feeling a bit off. A slight headache clouded his head as he prepared to go about his day. Of course, he had had a headache before, but this felt a bit different. He drove to work. By noon, it had worsened to a splitting … Continue reading THE TOUGHEST GUY IN HERE