Dwight Wakabayashi

Born: Chatham, Ontario – 1973

Lives in Toronto, Ontario


I am a freelance journalist and sports writer who has been published in various publications and on various websites over the last 12+ years. I like to tell sports stories that display the fighting spirit and inspire people to persevere.

My work has been published on The Bleacher Report, Sportsnet, Chatham-Kent Sports Network, MMACanada.net, The Nikkei Voice, Hockeyfights.com and MMAxposed, and has been syndicated on websites all around the world.

I have a wife and a daughter who inspire me every day!

Do you have a sports story to tell that can inspire and make a positive difference in someone’s life?


Get in touch with me and we can tell the story together.


WAKAFIGHTERMMA is my own unique brand of mixed martial arts coverage designed to stay honest and true to the sport and the fighters.

WAKAFIGHTER writes and covers mixed martial arts with Bruce Lee and his fighting/life philosophy always at the tip of the pen.

I have been a credentialed media member for the UFC and all mixed martial arts promotions and shows in North America.

I also write mixed martial arts in any medium including:

Scripts / Screenplays / Novels / Short Stories / Manuals

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