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Novel “The Choir Boy” Set For Summer Release

It is the early 1980’s and a corrupt small town is falling victim to a band of abusive, predator priests. Children of the town are being abused and destroyed right under their parents’ noses, with all authorities in the town denying and ignoring the truth. The priests are spread out through three main churches in the town and have set up a sinister recruiting system for a constant flow of potential abuse victims. The town is run by corrupt officials and police force who all turn a blind eye and are all on the payroll of the highest authority in the town, the Catholic Church.

Eight year-old Danny Sakai has been a bad boy. He has gotten into a couple of fights at school and in the neighborhood to get even for his older brother and family his parents don’t agree with fighting and violence and are punishing him by making him join the church choir. Turns out, Danny is a good singer and gets chosen for the lead in the Christmas Cantata. This role leads him to discover the inner most sanctum of the church where the predator priests target him as their next victim.

Danny reluctantly tells his parents what is happening at cantata rehearsal but gets branded a liar, story teller and trouble maker by his devoutly Catholic family and school teachers. He discreetly goes to the police but quickly realizes that they are in the pocket of the church. Is there no one in his life he can trust to believe him? The church looks to silence him by sabotage and send him to a nearby institution for troubled youth. While in the institution the abuse continues in the town to the point that one of the other youth victims takes her own life.

This is the last straw and Danny refuses to be a victim any more. He teaches the diverse cast of youths to defend themselves against the priests and vows to take them out once and for all, and purge the town of the evil underbelly that is plaguing it.

The priests chose the wrong kid to be the victim, and now they must face the wrath of;





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