The UFC Going The Way of Boxing

Let's imagine a future hockey world where the following scenario faces us; It is the year 2025, and the NHL is winding down it's season. The regular season is long over and the standings have been decided. The 16 teams that made the playoffs have all played off in the last month and a half and the final … Continue reading The UFC Going The Way of Boxing

(Graham Hughes/CP)

GSP Return Fills Canadian UFC Void

Canadian mixed martial arts fans are all elated at the recent news that Georges St-Pierre will be returning to the Octagon later this year. The news has injected some much-needed life into Canadian fans and fills a very big void that was created in the market when he originally left in November of 2013. Since the beginning … Continue reading GSP Return Fills Canadian UFC Void

Canada Grounded By the UFC

Anyone out there ever get grounded or have something they love taken away from them because of bad behaviour? My parents used that one early and often in my mischievous childhood and I can't help but think that the UFC is playing Daddy on Canada right now. It is no secret now that UFC 178, … Continue reading Canada Grounded By the UFC