The Fight That Shook The County

"A 519 Feature Story By Dwight Wakabayashi we go off the face-off down in the Jr. Kings corner oh wait what have we here, we have two guys and squaring off... now they are taking off their helmets and are gonna go, look out, it's Hanson for the Jr. Kings and oh boy we have the youngster Barnard … Continue reading The Fight That Shook The County


A 519 Feature Story By: Dwight Wakabayashi On the morning of March 10th, 2007 Perry woke up for work feeling a bit off. A slight headache clouded his head as he prepared to go about his day. Of course, he had had a headache before, but this felt a bit different. He drove to work. By noon, it had worsened to a splitting … Continue reading THE TOUGHEST GUY IN HERE

Calgary Sell Out Reinforces The UFC’s Faith In Canada

With the news that UFC 149 Calgary tickets sold out in record time last week, it re-inforces the popular belief that many parts of Canada are starved to watch the top mixed martial artist's come to their city and compete. The UFC has banked on that hunger and made a very big committment to Canada … Continue reading Calgary Sell Out Reinforces The UFC’s Faith In Canada