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Finding Bruce Lee and My JKD is a book about my journey in the study of Bruce Lee. Jeet Kune Do and martial arts. It is also about Hockey, The UFC, Life, Loss, Perseverance and Inspiration.

JKD Words Of Wisdom: Fighting Mad

“The moment I engaged in combat with an opponent, my mind was completely perturbed and unstable. After a series of exchanging blows and kicks, my theory of gentleness was gone. My only thought […]

JKD Words Of Wisdom: Hard and Soft Unity

“Any practitioner of martial art should consider both the gentleness, and firmness of equal importance and not as being independent of one another. The rejection of either gentleness or firmness […]

JKD Words Of Wisdom: Balance

“One who advertises himself too much is ignored. One who is too insistent on his own view finds few to agree with him. One who claims too much credit does […]

JKD Words Of Wisdom: Self-Defense

"There is only one basic principle of self-defense: You must apply the most effective weapon as soon as possible to the most vulnerable point of your enemy"

JKD Words of Wisdom: Good Form

“It is alright to change one’s style to adapt to various circumstances, but remember not to change your basic form. By changing style, I mean switching your plan of attack.” […]

JKD Words Of Wisdom

“Jeet Kune Do favors formlessness so that it can assume all forms and, since it has no style, Jeet Kune Do fits in with all styles. As a result Jeet […]