The Fight That Shook The County

"A 519 Feature Story By Dwight Wakabayashi we go off the face-off down in the Jr. Kings corner oh wait what have we here, we have two guys and squaring off... now they are taking off their helmets and are gonna go, look out, it's Hanson for the Jr. Kings and oh boy we have the youngster Barnard … Continue reading The Fight That Shook The County

Bruce Lee Vlog Series “Way Of The Dragon”

Bruce Lee Vlog Series "Way Of The Dragon"

In this latest episode of the BruceLee.Com VLOG series, it's the 40th Anniversary of "Way of the Dragon". Shannon Lee goes into her father's archives to look at photos and other materials about the movie Bruce Lee wrote, directed, choreographed and starred in. This is part I in a multi-part series on 'Way of the Dragon".